Immaturity keeps me young.
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 Charles Baudelaire

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 Charles Baudelaire
❝ A genuine poet?”— Lucius took fire, but with dignity—“ What does it mean to be a genuine poet? It does not mean talent alone, many are talented, talent is cheap, and if possible love is even cheaper, and turns for the most part to the cheapest possible stammering, even though the gentlemen grind out their verses to the best of their ability … naturally, I should be guarded in giving these judgments public utterance for, good or bad, we writers belong together, but here in our limited circle, nothing should restrain us from defining things plainly … in short, I am able to see nothing of honesty in a lascivious stripping, and even less of true art or true poetry …

— Hermann Broch, Death of Virgil (via talesofpassingtime)


Miss Bean

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Acrylic on canvas. 30cm x 40cm


Acrylic on canvas. 30cm x 40cm

Do mindless, repetitive actions once in a while

draw circles, dot things or scribble

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About the Earth: Illustrations by Troche


Comic Book Farming ~

"I could be a bit late on this, but I really love the idea of these Manga Farms by Koshi Kawachi. (via bb)”

inspired by x

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